The Secret Life of Students:

It is your first time living away from home; cooking your own meals, sharing a house with strangers, partying any night of the week. Many of us can recall the key moments of our first year at University. However, for today’s students life has changed dramatically…

Social media has swept into every aspect of our lives. Technology has amplified the usual student experiences and emotions – joy, despair, heartbreak, and excitement. The latest news is disseminated in seconds via iMessage and WhatsApp and carefully presenting your image and relationships through your Facebook page is essential. This ground-breaking documentary series explores how the explosion of digital communication is affecting 21st century, student-living.

‘Students’ is a new multiplatform documentary series that provides a unique insight into the lives of students in their first term at Leicester University, capturing digital communication via Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and other social mediums. This series captures how 21st Century students share and communicate their experiences, at the beginning of what some people say are ‘the best years of your life’.

Executive Producer

Dimitri Doganis

Lucy Willis


Series Director

Yonni Usiskin


Series Producer

Joanne Timoney