Gold Rush: DAVE TURIN’S LOST MINE (Series 3)

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Project Details

  • Executive Producers: Sam Maynard & Peter Campion
  • Co Exec Producers: Rob Rawlings & EDWARD GORSUCH
  • Series Producer: Adam Espley
  • Line Producer: Amy Mellows
  • Production Manager: Lindsay Robertson
  • Unit Production Manager: PHILLIPPA WHITTALL
  • Discovery Channel
  • March 2021

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Back for a third season of chasing the gold the old timers left behind, Dave and Team Turin are behind the eight ball. Following a delayed start caused by the global pandemic, Dave and his crew find themselves at Box Creek – a historic lost mine at 10,000ft elevation in the Colorado Rockies.

Previously mined by the legendary Derry Dredge, Dave will need all of his lost mine decoding experience to keep on the gold, and lead Team Turin to a record setting season total that will secure all of their futures.