Gold Rush: White Water (Series 3)

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In the remote mountains of Southeast Alaska, The Dakota Boys are back. Risking it all in a hunt for millions in gold. But after mining together for 10 years, father and son team, Fred and Dustin Hurt split up, working separate claims to double their chances of striking it rich as they take on some of the most dangerous gold mining in the world.

75 year old Fred Hurt and his son Dustin have spent over three seasons mining the raging white water of McKinley Creek, diving in the freezing glacier-fed plunge pools, chasing piles of bedrock gold. But having mined out McKinley Creek last season, Dustin and his father Fred prospected new mine sites on Upper Cahoon Creek, 2000ft higher up the remote Chilkat mountains. Now, the crew split, for the first time father and son will be going it alone, battling the unrelenting weather, hungry bears, falling rocks and boulders, raging currents and catastrophic equipment failures as they head deeper into the hostile Alaskan wilderness, putting it all on the line in the pursuit of giant nuggets and a life-changing jackpot of gold.

  • Discovery Channel
  • November 2019