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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was supposed to be a routine redeye from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. But shortly after take-off, on a balmy night in 2014, the plane vanished from radar screens. The shocking disappearance of a 200-foot-long airliner, carrying 239 passengers and crew, gripped the world, sparked riots on the streets, and plunged the families of those on board into their worst nightmare.


Set across seven different countries, this enthralling miniseries from RAW combines unseen archive, powerful testimony, and haunting reconstruction of the most contentious theories about the vanishing. It’s a journey down rabbit holes, through broken hearts, and in and out of fact and speculation. Along the way are shadowy figures, tight lipped officials and tenacious sleuths, determined to solve The World’s Greatest Aviation Mystery, because there’s one thing on which everyone agrees – the truth doesn’t just vanish.

  • Netflix
  • March 2023