The Truth about your Teeth

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5 million Britons have a severe dental problem requiring urgent treatment
7.4 million of us haven’t seen a dentist since 2006
British children’s teeth are in worse condition today than 30 years ago

British teeth are in crisis. An estimated 84% of adults have unhealthy teeth or gums, one in 10 of us aren’t even registered with a dentist, and with the highest dental fees in Europe an estimated 200,000 Britons a year resort to DIY home dentistry.

This revealing two-part documentary series explores life on the front-line of UK dental hygiene through the experiences of the doctors and patients dealing with Britain’s very worst teeth. Using remarkable access to NHS emergency dental hospitals and community outreach dental access centers across the country, we’ll meet the unfortunate people with the most extraordinary, decayed and downright horrific teeth in Britain.

  • BBC
  • July 2015
  • Executive Producer: Dominique Walker
  • Series Director: Tom Watt-Smith
  • Series Producer: Helen White
  • Line Producer: Fiona McDonald
  • Producer Directors: Paul Kittel and Jessica Matthews