Women in Prison (Series 1)

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A real life ‘Orange Is the New Black’, this bold new series explores the lives of six women locked up inside a maximum security prison in Indiana, USA. This genre-busting format blends observational style filming of the inmates’ day to day life inside with drama to illustrate the crimes that led them to their cells. Each episode reveals the true extent of the women’s crimes in a shocking revelation at the end of the hour.

Featuring a cast of surprisingly relatable characters, this three-part series profiles women you wouldn’t expect to find locked up. A suburban soccer mom is locked up for a crime which has broken apart her family. A high school teacher is doing thirty years for a first offense. And a preacher’s daughter faces a 100 year sentence. Often these unexpected felons were locked up for one devastating mistake and have since had to learn how to survive in Indiana’s largest and toughest female correctional facility.

Threaded with dark humour, tragedy and pathos, each episode opens the doors to a world few of us will ever see. A world where women are ‘gay for the stay’, where make up is currency and where one wrong step can land you in ‘lock’.

  • Discovery Channel
  • Investigation Discovery
  • June 2015