Abortion On Trial

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Fifty years after the Abortion Act was passed, Anne Robinson brings together a group of nine people with conflicting views on abortion, to ask if the law is fit for purpose in 2017.

One in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime, yet it’s rarely talked about and continues to be a taboo subject. Anne’s guests all have strong views: some are resolutely anti-abortion, some firmly pro-choice while others are more conflicted. In every case, their personal experience of abortion has directly informed their view.

Filmed over one weekend in Anne’s own home in Gloucestershire, the group will share their stories and grapple with some of the most contentious aspects of the law: What should the time limit be on when you can have an abortion? Should the man have a legal right to be part of the decision? Should abortions be allowed at home? Should abortion be completely decriminalised or should the restrictions on abortions be increased?

Underpinning their often impassioned discussions will be the results of one of the most comprehensive opinion polls ever conducted into our attitudes towards abortion in the UK. For every key issue her guests discuss, Anne will examine how their views compare to those of the wider public. The group will also hear testimony from experts, campaigners and medical professionals who all offer their own unique insight on the subject.

Despite their differences, can this group reach a consensus: DOES Britain’s fifty-year old law truly reflect what we really think about abortion in 2017?

  • BBC
  • October 2017