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Suzy Jaffe
Head of Talent

Suzy Jaffe

Suzy joined Raw in 2011 to establish the talent department which has since grown to a team of seven. Previously, she spent many years working in production and development at various independent production companies, as well as series producing formats and features for Channel Four and the BBC, including the award winning How to Look Good Naked.

During her time at Raw, Suzy has welcomed many creative people into the company and remains committed to nurturing new, diverse talent and supporting them in their careers.

Suzy’s top interview tips:
*Prepare, prepare, prepare. Watch programmes made by the company and talk with enthusiasm about why you’d like to work there. Share any relevant skills, knowledge or experience if you’re being interviewed for a specific role.
*Bring your whole self to the interview. If you’ve not worked in TV yet, have you had any jobs that you could talk about where you’ve had to be responsible, work in a team and develop people skills? These are all very relevant to a job in TV.

Natalie Moody
Deputy Head of Talent

Natalie Moody

Natalie first joined Raw as a Talent Manager in 2012, having worked as a self-shooting Producer/Director at the BBC in Children’s Factual, Factual Entertainment and the Consumer Unit as well as at ITV. Her staffing career has included time freelancing for some of the industry’s biggest production companies before re-joining Raw in 2020.

Natalie’s top interview tips:
First impressions count. Be prompt, look engaged and bring a positive energy to the interview . So much about working in TV is based on how you connect with people and building strong relationships . If you can prove that you can build rapport quickly it’s a good indicator of how you will conduct yourself professionally.

Vikki Harris
Senior Talent Manager

Vikki Harris

Vikki started working at Raw in 2014 as a freelance producer and moved across to Talent in 2019. She has worked in the TV industry since graduating in 2001, specialising in casting for factual programming and has a long history of working on many shows for Channel 4. She has also produced for BBC, Netflix and Discovery productions.

As Senior Talent Manager she is responsible for finding the best editorial off-screen talent at all levels, across much of Raw’s un-scripted output, and is committed to championing people from underrepresented groups and women working in TV, both at Raw and externally.

Vikki’s top interview tips:
Ask questions; If you already have experience of working in TV ask about the structure, style and logistics of how the programme is made and anything you think you would need to be aware of, in your role. Always respond truthfully; don’t exaggerate your experience or skill set, but instead focus on your strengths and how they could be an asset to the production.

Karen Browne
Talent Manager, Gold Rush

Karen Browne

Karen joined Raw’s Talent team having worked as a Senior Casting Producer in the industry for over 20 years. Before joining Raw she was a Talent Manager at Studio Lambert. Karen is looking for amazing talent with a spirit of adventure who would love to work within the Gold Rush Universe.

Karen’s top interview tips:
Be engaged, be prepared, be enthusiastic! Let us know your strengths and how they can be applied to the project.

Applying for
a job at raw

If you’d like to work at Raw, please send your CV with a brief covering note to putting the role that you’re applying for in the subject line of the email (eg Runner, Assistant Producer, etc). If you’re applying for a specific project (Gold Rush, Heathrow, etc), please include the production name in the subject line too.

Please also add your CV to our database so that your CV is on file when we’re searching for production talent in the future and please keep your availability up to date.

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We are committed to facilitating, meaningful, enriching, and exciting placements here at Raw, because we appreciate hands-on experience in the industry. For more details on the application process and eligibility criteria follow the link below.