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In 2012 Naomi Oni was attacked with sulphuric acid after being stalked through London by someone disguised in a niqab. Since 2012 acid attacks have doubled in the UK. Now two acid attacks are carried out in the UK every single day, with 450 occurring each year in London alone. Known as ‘Face Melters’, corrosive liquids have replaced knives as the weapon of choice for people wanting to inflict maximum damage on their unsuspecting victims.

The physical and psychological effects of these attacks are devastating. In an instant, a victim’s life is irreversibly transformed, as are the lives of their family, children and partners. This powerful BBC Three film reveals the story behind one of the most shocking and bizarre acid attacks of recent years. It’s a twisted story of betrayal and deceit.

The film combines archive footage, and stylised recon with interviews with the victim, police, the medics who continue to treat her, and her family and friends.

  • BBC
  • January 2018