Dead in the Water

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The year is 1978: a young British couple embark on the trip of a lifetime through remote Central America. Junior doctor Chris Farmer and his girlfriend, law graduate Peta Frampton, set out on an exhilarating backpacking adventure; the letters they write and the tapes they send home are filled with tales of exotic landscapes, cultural encounters, and the thrill of the unknown. But their dream soon turns into a chilling nightmare when they are brutally murdered and the trail for their killer goes cold.

Four decades later, failed by law enforcement, their families take up the manhunt: they begin their own online investigation and make a shocking discovery.

This is the story of a gap year gone terribly wrong, and a tale of two families on either side of the Atlantic, bound by a common purpose – the pursuit of a killer, even when it seemed untenable, decades after his heinous crimes were committed.

  • Amazon
  • February 2024