Drowning in Plastic

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Drowning in Plastic is a 90-minute BBC special, which will reveal the truth behind our planet’s ‘Plastic Plague’ and what we can all do to save our seas. The world is waking up to one of the biggest threats to our planet. Nearly all the plastic that has ever been made still exists and most of it is now floating in our seas and oceans. Leading scientists are frantically trying to understand the problem. Other natural disasters have had decades of intensive research; global warming has been top of the agenda for over 40 years, deforestation has been an issue for nearly a century, but research into the effect of plastics on marine life began in earnest just five years ago.

The race is on to understand the scale of the problem and find a solution before the life in our oceans is irreparably damaged forever. In this timely and vital documentary, biologist and broadcaster, Liz Bonin is setting out on a global mission to reveal the full scale of the world’s plastic problem – and explore ways in which this looming environmental disaster might be averted. As she chases plastic around the world, Liz is going to show us that this is a crisis far greater than we’d ever imagined…

  • BBC
  • October 2018