Gold Rush: Parker's Trail (Series 3)

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Project Details

  • Executive Producers: Sam Maynard and Craig Blackhurst
  • Production Executive: Ceri Smith
  • Line Producer: Marie Thomas
  • Discovery Channel
  • April 2019

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Having tackled the rugged and dangerous trails of the Klondike and the hostile jungles of Guyana, Parker Schnabel is ready to take his hunt for gold to the next level, in Papua New Guinea.

He wants to reconnect with his grandfather John’s history; having served in the air force there during WWII, he never wanted to discuss it when he was alive. And, as he learns about the gold rush history of the country, which attracted prospectors from the Klondike, he follows in the footsteps of one of the greatest explorers and prospectors of the 20th century, Mick Leahy, and learns the local mining techniques that make the present-day gold rush thrive in this stunning Pacific country.