Gold Rush (Series 10)

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On the new season of Gold Rush miners all have to find new ground. Tony Beet’s dredge sits idle on unpermitted ground. He turns to his children to salvage his season. He sends Kevin to a claim at Scribner Creek which he has overlooked until now. Mike heads up to Paradise Hill to revive an old operation there and Monica buys a new washplant at Hunker. Tony himself will prospect old mine shafts at Paradise in the hope of saving his season.

Parker has a permit for his own ground – but it only has one year left on it and he is under pressure to mine the whole claim in one season. He may put a second wash plant on the Last cut too later in the season, under pressure from Tony to fulfil his contract. With the pressure of time, Parker is driven to bring in a productivity expert to help speed up his operation.

At the start of the season Rick strikes out to a new mine site near the historic mining town of Keno with the promise of big nuggets. Rick will have to relocate his whole operation three and a half hours south east of Dawson to mine a new claim that holds the promise of chunkier gold than anywhere in the Klondike. This is way more ambitious than anything Rick or his rookie crew has never undertaken before. He has to mine smarter here to make money – not just shift big yardage. The ground is rich but the geology is complex and the best gold will be hard to find.

  • Discovery Channel
  • October 2019