Gold Rush (Series 14)

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After 10 years working in the Klondike, 28-year-old mining prodigy Parker Schnabel is at a crossroads. He must decide whether to play it safe and scale back his operation or risk it all on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire historically gold-rich virgin ground. It’s a massive gamble that could bankrupt him or deliver hundreds of millions in profit and cement his place as one of the most powerful miners in the region.

After dropping off the radar for nearly two years and giving up mining, Rick Ness is on a mission to turn his life around, make millions and achieve his version of the American Dream. But with no crew and very little money, Rick faces an uphill battle on his road to redemption, along with questions about what happened during his lost year.

Tony Beets, the 66-year-old “King of the Klondike,” wants to surpass his best-ever 5,300-ounce gold haul, worth a whopping $9 million. This year, he hopes to up the ante with a 6,000-ounce goal. Everything is looking up when he gets access to his coveted claims on the Indian River. But when one of his kids decides not to come back, it threatens to derail everything and puts pressure on the rest of the family to step up.

In gold mining, there is no better reward than hitting paydirt and potentially making millions overnight. With it come the challenges of mechanical failure or risk of sinking your life savings into barren ground. Despite previous successes, these miners must continue to put in the hard work to stay at the top and fulfill the ultimate American Dream.

  • Discovery Channel
  • September 2023