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Influence’ co-pro with Raw and A+E Media Group

We’re delighted to announce our latest co-pro with A+E Media Group for ‘Influence’. 

A+E Media Group® announced its partnership with London-based production company Raw (The Imposter, American Animals, Tinder Swindler, Encounter) on the scripted series Influence. 

Influence is a twisting and turning modern thriller about a “Dadfluencer” who, after his child is kidnapped, is forced to examine every choice he’s made since first posting pictures of his family on social media. 

Like a contemporary Don Draper, Andrew Cosgrove has constructed the seemingly perfect life — and in the process, made his family an international brand. But when his youngest daughter Sophie is kidnapped, Andrew must reckon with his past; or else the decisions he’s made will come back to hurt those he loves. Influence is a social thriller about the choices we make, and the making and breaking of a very modern family. 

Executive producers of Influence are Sara Murray and Dimitri Doganis for Raw; and Patrick Vien, Alexandra Finlay, and Hannah Dal Pozzo for A+E Media Group.

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