Jungle Gold

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In 2007 George White and Scott Lomu were real estate high-rollers. Both married with young kids, they lived in big houses, drove fast cars and wore expensive watches. But George and Scott were so intent on the next deal they ignored the warning signs – and lost everything in the 2008 property crash.

With their houses and families’ futures suddenly on the line, George and Scott had to come up with an answer – fast. These two former realtors, with no mining experience, made a life changing decision and headed for the jungles of Ghana in West Africa where the government had just opened its doors to a new Gold Rush.

Things seemed to go well for the duo at the outset when they managed buy an 80 acre gold rich claim deep in the Ghanaian Jungle. But they knew that although getting the gold out of the ground would be a challenge the real danger would come once they’d found it – keeping hold of the gold and staying alive long enough to reap the rewards.

  • Discovery Channel
  • October 2012