Leepu & Pitbull

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Steve Pitbull is a fast-talking master mechanic who has built his business from the ground up. He counts every cent and never throws anything away. Pitbull has started a new custom car business with the world-famous Bangladeshi car designer known simply as Leepu, a colorful creative who takes junk automobiles and transforms these wrecks into stunning supercars using nothing but old hammers, sheet metal and spare parts. Together, Leepu and Pitbull turn junk into gold and build affordable custom muscle cars for the average Joe.

Leepu is a brilliant designer, with a flare for dramatic builds. Pitbull is exactly the opposite—he has gasoline in his veins and worships horsepower. This odd couple needs each other to succeed, but it’s one of the strangest marriages in the history of the American automobile. Each week, a customer with a great story, small budget and sad old jalopy asks Pitbull and Leepu to transform his or her junker into a cool customized muscle car.

This ultimate odd couple experiences highs and lows while hunting for spare parts, ingenuous fixes and inspiration. Will the car be greater than the sum of the parts? Will the customers like the cars? Or will they ask for their money back? Can these two homegrown geniuses from two different worlds work together to turn scrap into gold and realize the ultimate American muscle car dream?

  • History Channel
  • June 2015