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On 29th November 2019, Usman Khan is wrestled to the ground 100 metres from the entrance of Fishmongers’ Hall on London Bridge. He has just fled the building, having brutally killed two people and seriously wounding three others. He holds a kitchen knife in each of his hands and strapped to his chest is what he claims to be a live suicide belt. He is chased down by three individuals – one of whom has picked up a fire extinguisher, another an antique narwhal tusk and the third, empty-handed.  They grapple Khan to the ground and nullify the attack.

It looks like a clearcut case of ‘heroes’ overcoming ‘villains’, with the terrorist overcome by the valiant passers-by. But the truth is much more complex. For the lives that converged in that moment of confrontation reveal a compelling and unique tale of morality.

Speaking for the very first time, Darryn Frost, John Crilly and Steven Gallant, reveal how their personal histories of justice and violence suddenly shifted the way the media framed their courageous actions.

The film dismantles what constitutes ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people; ‘heroes’ and villains;  and forms a powerful exploration of the notion of justice, redemption, rehabilitation and punishment.


  • Channel 4
  • August 2023