Meat: A Threat To Our Planet?

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Following on from the success of BBC One’s Drowning In Plastic, Liz Bonnin will investigate a new and shocking environmental crisis. The UN has recently branded meat “the world’s most urgent problem” stating that our excessive meat consumption is pushing us to a climate catastrophe.

In this ground-breaking film, presenter Liz Bonnin, will embark on an ambitious and sometimes dangerous mission to discover the true impact of meat on our planet.

In the Amazon rainforest, Liz will join zoologists who are urgently trying to save rare animal and plant species whose habitat is being cleared for cattle. She’ll travel to Chinese ‘super farms’ to understand the colossal growth of the meat industry, and the harrowing predictions of its effect on our planet’s climate and resources. And in the US and Europe, Liz will investigate how humans can continue to eat meat – how to rear it, how to feed it, how to graze it – without killing our planet.

On her travels, she’ll meet characters on all sides of the debate; dieticians who believe that meat is an essential part of our lives; environmentalists drawing a road map to a meat-free world; and food scientists developing ‘frankenfood’ meatless alternatives to our every-day meals. The film will be a fascinating investigation into the global meat industry, our health and a planet’s ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

  • BBC
  • December 2019