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Netflix announces our new podcast 'THE MAKING OF A SWINDLER'


A special three-part podcast companion to THE TINDER SWINDLER


An original investigative podcast hosted by the film’s director and producer, Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins.


Netflix is releasing a new companion audio mini-series that will be published within the feed of its popular documentary podcast, You Can’t Make This Up. Produced by RAW, the same team that made the film, the podcast digs deeper into the life and methods of the infamous Tinder Swindler, with each episode exposing more of his lies and the people who actively – or unwittingly – supported him. We learn about the mistakes he made, and the lesions he learned, going all the way back to his childhood.

Episodes 1 & 2 available February 9
Episode 3 available February 16






Episode 1: The Theatre of the Con

In the course of the film, we learn about the entourage that surrounds Simon wherever he goes. Who are these people? Are they in on the scam? Or are they as much victims of his lies as the women he swindles? In this episode, we learn more about the identity of Peter, his bodyguard. And Avichay, his supposed “business partner” and childhood friend. Plus we hear directly from Jamal, Simon’s driver in London who still feels deeply guilty for his involvement three years later.

Episode 2: Who is the Real Simon?

It’s clear that Simon is a criminal mastermind. But that level of skill requires practice, and a certain amount of pathology. In this episode, Felicity and Bernie try to understand the mind – and the methods – of the swindler. They meet with a forensic psychologist who specialises in con artists, to better understand the psychology behind what is known as “the love con”. Then they travel back to Finland, where Simon was convicted in 2015 and spent time in jail. But far from learning his lesson, he clearly learned from his earlier mistakes.

Episode 3: The Rabbi’s Son

Before he was travelling around Europe pretending to be a millionaire playboy, Simon was Shimon, the son of an Orthodox rabbi from a small town near Tel Aviv. His father was a well respected member of the community, the chief rabbi of El Al Airlines for 15 years, with religious connections around the world. In this episode, Felicity talks to an Israeli police officer who has been on Simon’s tail since 2011, and describes his earliest cons, when he was working as a babysitter. And then we meet Rabbi Badush from Brooklyn, whose chilling story will make you wonder if the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.

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