Project Details

  • Executive Producer: Mark Lewis
  • Producer: Simon Mills
  • Series Producer: Crispin Reece
  • Directors: Russell Eatough, Seb Smith, Elliot Goldner, Matt Catlin, Alex Lacey, Harry Hewland and Neil Rawles
  • Syfy
  • August 2016

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The most frightening show on television returns for it’s fifth season on Syfy. This drama-documentary series brings to life the incredible stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. Using intense interviews and movie quality reconstruction, more astonishing stories will be brought to the screen.

Previous episodes have told the real stories behind some of the most famous horror films of all time. The people who were actually there tell of the real hauntings of Connecticut and the Conjuring, in heart-stopping detail. The famous UFO sightings at Rendlesham and the forsaken spirits of Charles Manson’s victims have also featured.

With 51 stories already told, this new season will be even more chilling, with thirteen brand new episodes ranging from a couple terrorised by winged demon – the Mothman – to a serial killer from the 1890’s returning from the grave, attempting to continue his killing spree. Paranormal Witness returns, more terrifying than ever!