The People Next Door

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Middle class couple Gemma and Richard buy their first home together, hoping to start a family of their own – only to discover their neighbours, Dennis and Yvonne are loud, aggressive and potentially violent. But does the screaming and thumping through the walls sound worse than it is? Or are the children next door actually in danger?

Gemma wants to report the neighbours to the authorities, but Richard is concerned not to invade their privacy and risk labeling them. Richard and Gemma agree to keep a video evidence blog, documenting Dennis and Yvonnes’ behaviour. The project becomes an obsession for Gemma, who crosses one moral line after the other in her efforts to find out what is happening next door, until blogging turns into full-on spying. Eventually, the project threatens to ruin Richard and Gemma’s relationship as well as their safety; when the family next door discover they are being monitored, it leads to explosive results.

  • Channel 4
  • April 2016