Raw News


Thank you KOTA Creative for all your hard work (and patience) with us on the creation of the NEW Raw website. We’ve not been the easiest of customers; which will be no surprise to any Raw employee reading this post.

But your energy, enthusiasm and technicolor ideas made this project particularly enjoyable. Special Thank yous to

(far Right) James Piper Creative Director,
and my soundboard through the entire project…. lucky me! AND he’s also a talented artist – have a look! www.mrpiper.co.uk

(far left) Jonathan Bradford MD.
Thank you for not running out of our initial meeting! We’re a scary bunch..

(second on left) Ed Shropshire, Lead Designer
Lovely, calm and secretly hilarious… And to my delight…. He watches Eastenders!

(No image) Jonny Harte, developer….
He’s basically a wizard. Ask… and he will build!

See KOTA website: www.kotacreative.co.uk

A final huge thank you to our very own James Turnbull.


He’s not only an amazing human being. But I had no idea he was so wonderfully creative. All of the staff and office photos you see, where taken by James.
He was my go to, through this entire project, and was calm and considered when I was manic and frustrated.

James, you were – ARE a complete joy to work with – Thank you my dear!

Enjoy everybody!