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Raw Tops Broadcast Peer Poll Survey

Thank you to our fellow indies for voting us No. 1 in the Broadcast Peer Poll – we are humbled and delighted to receive this nod of approval from our peers. Congratulations also to all of the indies that made it on to this year’s list!

“RAW has finally topped the Indie Survey’s Peer Poll rankings after featuring in the top 3 for several years. Peers hailed editorially outstanding factual shows of recent years such as Don’t F*ck with Cats, and Three Identical Strangers, while envying its commercial acumen in the UK and US. As one indie noted: “RAW has the ear of Netflix”. One peer said RAW is “a brilliant business with outstanding output” while another highlighted the “quality and range of the work”. Perhaps the highest praise came from one rival factual producer, who said the Gold Rush producer is “the kind of indie every indie wants to become”.’