The Sex Robots Are Coming

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Mankind has been obsessed with building humanoid robots for centuries. Now, as the prospect of living with robots is coming ever closer our focus is turning to having sex with them. Channel 4 has commissioned a 1×60 documentary from Raw, which explores how advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics have seen some companies try to make sex robots a reality.

Successfully combining AI technologies in a in a mass produced robot capable of intimacy and sex has never been done before and the race is on to be the first company to market. Filmed over 2 years, the film follows one company as they build a protoype sexbot, called Harmony. We also meet James, who already owns four sex dolls and can’t wait to have his own, technologically cutting-edge, artificial girlfriend.

We learn what James finds so compelling about sexbots, and why he wants the dolls to show signs of life. But not everyone thinks the technological advancements are a good thing; critics claim this new generation of robotic lovers objectifies humans and query if they potentially endanger human relationships.

The programme is part of Channel 4’s AI season airing later this year.

  • Channel 4
  • November 2017