Shackleton Epic

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The Endurance Expedition is the most extraordinary adventure and survival story ever told. The greatest explorer of all time, Sir Ernest Shackleton led his 27 men into a frozen hell, and incredibly brought them all back alive. But what was the reality behind the heroic story of their survival? Was it bad luck that left them repeatedly fighting for their lives or is there another story of mistakes, dissent and mutiny to be uncovered through reliving this epic?

A crew of six men, led by explorer Tim Jarvis, attempts to follow in Shackleton’s wake. Using exactly the same equipment and clothing used a century before, Tim and his crew take themselves beyond the point of no-return. Can these modern adventurers survive the ultimate survival ordeal and how will they measure against Sir Ernest and his crew’s heroic feat of endurance? This series of 3 documentaries and 1 behind is made by some of the world’s leading adventure documentary makers using the latest camera technology to access a world that has never before been scene.

It draws on many of the techniques and skills developed by Raw in programmes such as the World’s Toughest Drive, Gold Rush, Deadly Seas and Jungle Gold.

  • Discovery Channel
  • PBS
  • August 2014