The Bush Years: Family. Duty. Power

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The Bush Years: Family. Duty. Power is a six-part CNN documentary series that explores how one family produced two presidents, two first ladies, one senator and two governors, and profoundly shaped the history of a nation. This is a story of influential matriarchs, sibling ambitions and an unceasing competitive spirit, as well as evolving conservatism. It explores how the personalities, relationships, motivations and convictions of the Bush family drove them to power.

Through six episodes that encompass themes of triumph, tragedy, heroism and deeply held faith covering a span of eight decades, we trace the journey of one Bush after another as they strive to reach the very top. We follow the story of George H. W. Bush’s dogged transformation from East coast elite to Texas businessman and finally international statesman, and his first-born son George W.’s unlikely route from party animal to faith-driven politician – as well as the stories of the matriarchs who guided them and the siblings who supported them through disasters, failures, scandals and successes. This is the first major series to put the Bush family and their seismic impact on American political history under the microscope. It is narrated and Executive Produced by the award-winning actor, Ed Harris.

  • CNN
  • March 2019