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An eight part series following one woman’s determination to seek justice and find her place in the world as a transracial adoptee.

The Second Victim: Daisy’s Story, which follows the remarkable story of Daisy as she recounts life as a transracial adoptee born from child rape. In the podcast, Daisy embarks on a mission to seek justice for a crime that shaped her existence.

Told in first person, the series begins in 1970s rural England, where Daisy is growing up in her adopted family home. Now part of a white family, and the only black child in her community, alienation and loss of identity overshadow her childhood.

After discovering she was conceived through the rape of her birth mother, Daisy begins a lifelong mission to find and prosecute her father. Across eight episodes, The Second Victim follows Daisy’s journey as she fights injustice – not just for her mother, but for herself and other children born under the same circumstances.

Weaving a narrative that spans nearly 50 years, Daisy’s story unfolds through two interwoven perspectives — her present-day reflections, and the raw, immersive recounting of her past experiences. This unique storytelling approach, enriched with Dolby Atmos sound design, follows Daisy as she reckons with her own trauma and the complexities of navigating the 1970s adoption system in the UK. This is a work in progress for Daisy and is a real-time account of her piecing her story together, through the eyes and voices of people that know her.

  • Audible
  • November 2023