Two in a Million

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Imagine living with one of the rarest medical conditions in the world? Imagine if doing simple, everyday tasks were an enormous challenge for you? What if there were no one you could confide in who could truly understand the pain, struggles and isolation you experience every single day? Now, against all the odds, a new documentary series – Two In A Million – brings together two inspirational individuals, who share the same rare medical condition, for the very first time.

Documenting conditions including Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, Lamellar Ichthyosis and Goldenhar Syndrome, we follow an ordinary person with an extraordinary condition as they embark on an incredible journey to finally discover how the disorder that has so greatly influenced their life, also affects someone else. In each episode, we capture the raw emotion and excitement as they and their family prepare to make the journey of a lifetime to meet someone like them.

Spending a week together, they share their hardships and triumphs, experience things they’ve only dreamed of, visit world-renowned doctors, and find answers to important questions. As they each make a new friend, we see how they change each other’s lives forever. This incredible new series gives a unique insight into these little known conditions, as we go on a powerful and intimate journey of discovery, exploring the lives of those who live with some of the world’s rarest disorders.

  • TLC
  • April 2016