Conviction (Series 1)

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Conviction: Murder at the Station is a compelling look at real life crime, through the eyes of a charity that investigates alleged miscarriages of justice

Every year, over 500 people in the UK are convicted of murder. A guilty verdict can only be challenged if new evidence comes to light – and less than 1% of cases are ever overturned.
Inside Justice is a specialist charity led by Louise Shorter, supported by a panel of criminal lawyers, ex-police officers and forensics experts who offer assistance to prisoners who are protesting their innocence. In this series we meet Louise as she investigates a case, looking for evidence that could present grounds to bring an appeal – and ultimately overturn the conviction of a Southampton man in prison for the murder of his secret lover.

THE CASE: On 17 October 2008, Paula Poolton went missing; her body was found 11 days later in the boot of her car parked outside the local railway station. During the police enquiries, it was revealed that Paula and a man named Roger Kearney had been having an affair. Their relationship soon became the focus of police investigations.

On the night in question, Kearney says he ate dinner at home and watched television with his partner before driving to his night shift at the post office. Although no forensic evidence was found linking Kearney to the car where Paula’s body was discovered, in 2010 he was charged and later convicted of the murder.

By maintaining his innocence, Kearney remains ineligible for parole. After reviewing the details of the trial, Louise agrees to investigate the case.

  • BBC
  • September 2016