Gold Rush: Parker's Trail (Series 6)

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At the summit of the gold game, mining wunderkind Parker Schnabel is once again looking to expand – but with his bankable claims in the Yukon running out and his venture into Alaska an unmitigated disaster – it’s time to roll the dice, in a big way.

This off-season to secure his mining future, Parker has set his sights on South America, a continent shaped by its lust for gold, where modern-day gold rushes are still booming.

Travelling over 2000 miles on his wildest ride ever, Parker is following in the golden footsteps of the legendry Incas, looking for clues to lead him to the motherlode; battling lawless jungle and prospecting in altitude sickening mountain plains – he is willing to go the edge and beyond, on this no holds barred hunt for gold.

With the stakes higher than ever before, Parker will leave no stone unturned as he looks to partner up, invest in or mine alongside the world’s toughest gold miners making money in the most extreme goldfields on the planet.

Can he turn the tide on his Alaskan disaster and expand his golden empire into the land of plenty?

  • Discovery Channel
  • April 2023