Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport (Series 2)

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This prime time ITV documentary series explores life behind the scenes at the UK’s biggest and busiest airport. Filmed over nine months, the series follows Heathrow’s army of 76,000 staff – from baggage handlers to air traffic controllers – as they attempt to safely process 200,000 passengers every single day, and race to get thousands of planes away on time.

Raw negotiated exclusive long term observational filming access to Heathrow for the first time in a decade, and worked closely with the airport to reveal the extraordinary people, technology and processes working hard around the clock to keep planes flying on time.  Heathrow is like a mini-city, with its own police force, ambulance service, religious leaders and social workers.  From the cleaners and security staff, to air traffic control and the CEO, this series examines the human side of life at one of the world’s most famous airports.

  • ITV
  • May 2016