Banged Up Abroad (Series 10)

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The most tense and dramatic series on television is back with six true stories of drug smugglers, kidnap victims and prisoners of war, as told in their own words. The new season includes the extraordinary highs and lows of how a 19 year old American attempts to smuggle a ton of grass out of Mexico; how an avaricious car salesman is caught body packing nearly five kilos of heroin at Bangkok Airport and becomes the longest serving Australian to be banged up abroad.

You’ll meet a mother and her 14 year old son’s traumatic account of their escape from sadistic terrorists in the Philippines jungles; and the American adventurer who joins the Libyan rebel army to fight for freedom, only to be captured by Gaddafi forces and sent to the ‘torture factory’ – one of the most notorious prisons in the world.

  • Nat Geo
  • May 2016