Banged Up Abroad (Series 13)

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The most tense and dramatic series on TV is back! The thirteenth season includes the dramatic downfall of rising Pop Star Jimmy Bauer, who swallows 88 pellets of heroin attempting to salvage his dwindling music career.

Ryan Phillips was on course to becoming one of the NHLs top hockey players. But as Ryan climbs the hockey ranks, he starts running a more profitable business alongside – smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana from Canada into the US

Introducing a new strand to National Geographic – ‘Locked Up Abroad: Declassified’. Charles Falco still looks over his shoulder every day. He’s living life with a price on his head for his infiltration of the infamous Vagos motorcycle gang.

EP1 Fergus Colville
EP2 Sean Smith
EP3 Johnny Burke
EP4 Gareth Johnson
EP5 Nick Davies
EP6 Nick Norman Butler
EP7 Neil Rawles
EP8 Tom Pollock
EP9 Elliot Goldner
EP10 Robin Dashwood

  • Nat Geo
  • January 2020