Banged Up Abroad (Series 11)

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The most tense and dramatic series on television is back, with six true stories of drug kingpins, kidnap victims and prisoners of war, as told in their own words.

The new season for 2018 includes the extraordinary highs and lows of Pieter Tritton, Britain’s answer to Walter White, a cocaine kingpin who smuggles the drugs impregnated into the groundsheets of tents; and the jaw dropping adventure of a teenager from South Africa who gets double crossed by her boss while securing a big drug deal for him in Bolivia.

We witness the terrifying account of journalist Phil Cox who is tracked and eventually captured by heavily armed marauding militias in the desert war of Sudan; and the American rookie photographer, kidnapped and tortured by Al Qaeda in Syria, who is forced to face his toughest test yet when the opportunity to escape arises, either save himself or stay with his fellow American prisoner.

  • Nat Geo
  • January 2018