Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport (Series 4)

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Heathrow Britain’s Busiest Airport is back for its fourth series. This year we have a new air time and a fresh new feel, focusing much more on the 77 thousand colleagues that work on the airfield and in the terminals, and who are now, more than ever, trying to keep Heathrow at number one.

Out in the terminal, we’re back with the popular King and Queen of Heathrow’s Passenger Experience Managers – Demi and Sue as they take on array of passenger conundrums. Other old favourites are Carrie-Anne and Selina, the darlings of check-in, that we see juggling love lives and broken Baggage Belts.

Heathrow has over 200,000 people travelling through the airport every day…all having to pass through immigration. For the first time we go behind the scenes of Britain’s biggest border to see how Border Force officers make the decision on whether to let people in or out of the country

This series is access all areas to Heathrow’s work force as they manage the laughter and the tears that make up Britain’s Busiest Airport.

  • ITV
  • May 2018