Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport (Series 5)

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Heathrow – Britain’s busiest and best airport is back and under pressure like never before.
Flying even more passengers in and out of the UK’s most popular gateway, it also has to deal with the extra fallout from illegal drones that have closed Britain’s 2nd busiest airport –Gatwick. Floods of delayed and irate holiday passengers head towards Heathrow leaving the King and Queen of Passenger well-being: Demi and Sue to sort out the problem.

Voted Europe’s number one airport, with 80 million passengers flying in and out per year, the 78,000 staff have their work cut out. From the illegal importation of heroin, to snowstorms, from low-flying poo to flight delays, bird strikes, drunk and puking passengers, and even dead passengers –the series goes further behind the scenes than ever before at Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport.

Series 5 Wed 11th Sept

  • ITV
  • May 2019