Mysterious creatures, otherworldly noises, mass hallucinations – across the world strange ‘happenings’ are being reported that science can’t begin to explain… 

Every year, around the world, extraordinary and unexplainable events are reported by hundreds of unconnected eyewitnesses. 

Giant human skeletons are found across four continents, eerie supernatural noises are heard coming from the sky, massive sinkholes appear in five major cities overnight… These are events that leading scientists can’t explain – but they’re not being discovered by cranks, they’re being discovered by multiple credible experts and witnesses.

This compelling factual series will tell the remarkable stories of these true phenomena, meet the people who discovered them, and show the world the stunning, unexplainable evidence.  The incredible ‘happenings’ – occurring anywhere around the world – will take centre stage, revealed through amazing archive footage.  As the Internet spreads across the globe and the prevalence of HD video recording phones grows, more and more compelling archive of unexplainable phenomena appears daily.

This dramatic footage will be backed up by visceral eyewitness accounts of each ‘happening’, brought to life through gripping POV drama reconstruction putting the audience directly into the shoes of the eyewitness.  The series will be underpinned by genuine journalistic enquiry – leading scientific experts will be interrogated about their conflicting explanations for the phenomena, with the answer remaining…. Unexplained.

Executive Producer:

Ben Fox and Dimitri Doganis